Invitation Letter to Ukraine -

It is well-known that for visiting Ukraine people from other countries are to get invitation letter to Ukraine. However, there are some consulates those do not need this letter. Invitation to Ukraine is not necessary for people from the US, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Turkey, Slovak Republic, as well as for citizens of the European Union countries. So, citizens of these states are not to present invitation letter to Ukraine for obtaining official, private, cultural, sports, business, and research visas. You are to note that for all these countries (but for Turkey!) visas are also not necessary for staying of up to 3 month.

In case you need to get a visa, you require invitation letter to Ukraine. And travel agency is able to provide you with it in case you book your hotel number with its help. The letter of invitation is able to ‘invite’ you just for time you have booked the hotel. When you fulfill your hotel booking form you will see a place for you to state if you require visa support service.

For applying for Ukrainian tourist visa, you are to have a documentation set including the invitation to Ukraine provided by one of the tour operators in the country, licensed by Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In particular states a tourist voucher used for hotel reservation as well as information about program of tourists staying on the territory of the country are also requested.

It is important to know that travel agencies provide invitation letter just in case a person makes a tour or hotel reservation with their help. The cost of the letter of invitation is about 10 Euro (that is non-refundable fee).

To get invitation to Ukraine some information is required:

1. Passport details of applicant:

a) full name (as in your passport);

b) date of birth;

c) citizenship;

d) passport number.

2. Term of staying in Ukraine.

3. The country in which visa has to be issued.

After fulfilling the invitation letter by tour operator it is able to be sent to the tourist personal fax or even to the Ukrainian Consulate fax of the country in which the visa has to be obtained not later than in 24 hours from Monday till Friday. It is rather important to get to know with the local Ukrainian Consulate whether they accept the copies of your letter of invitation or original. The originals of invitation letters can be sent at extra cost to any required address.

Note: If you have such opportunity, it is better to check whether the information in the letter of invitation is correct.

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